• About Lexicon K-12 Solutions

Lexicon K-12 Solutions is transforming how schools successfully manage and support the elements of today’s digitally-powered curricula and instructional spaces. Our solutions share a common goal: we’ve designed and built them to eliminate “Technology Disempowerment”.

Technology Disempowerment is our name for the negative impact that occurs when a student or teacher has to forfeit the benefits of technology-transformed teaching and learning because of disruptive technology incidents. For example, when valuable instructional, learning or planning time is lost because of technology device failures - or when support issues with learning management platforms, learning objects, network infrastructure, or student information systems frustrate students, faculty, or staff - that’s Technology Disempowerment.

Our unique solutions: Incident IQ™ and AlwaysLearning™ give school districts the tools to productively and powerfully meet the Technology Disempowerment challenge, to ensure that students and teachers fully benefit from the promise of instructional technology. Incident IQ™ is a powerful IT help ticket platform designed specifically for K-12, while AlwaysLearning™ is Lexicon’s student device maintenance program that includes a dynamic spare pool and unlimited accidental damage coverage. Both solutions are powered by Lexicon K-12’s powerful cloud-based technology and are priced with the K-12 budget in mind.


Lexicon K-12 Solutions is an operating unit of Lexicon Technologies, Inc., which was founded in 1998 to focus on delivering improved maintenance and support programs for automatic data capture technologies (barcode scanners, rugged mobile computers, label printers, etc.). More broadly, Lexicon’s mission has always been to focus and innovate in the technology support domain for mission critical devices and systems. We support our large nationwide customer base from two locations in metro-Atlanta. These include a 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art operations center (aka “Repair Factory”) where Lexicon/Lexicon K-12 teams manage and execute on technology device deployment and maintenance programs, as well as a 10,000 sq ft facility where customer care, cloud solutions, sales, marketing and administration teams are headquartered.

Company Leadership

Travis Collins, President and Chief Executive Officer
R.T. Collins, Vice President and General Manager
David Word, Vice President, Operations
Matthew Krivanek, Vice President, Marketing
Jason Martin, Chief Software Architect
Jorgen Von Tangen, Development Team Manager