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Asset tagging, software installation or device enrollment, laser etching, kitting and delivery — Lexicon deployment services prepares each of your devices for immediate use, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Watch Deployment Unfold

K-12 Deployment Services

& Kitting

Your technology will be completely ready for student hands. We add your accessories and recycle approximately 20 tons of cardboard per 5,000 devices.

Device Imaging or Enrollment

We image or enroll each of your devices at RepairFactory, and can handle thousands of units per day. We can even help you build your unique images.


Lexicon tests each device and takes care of common startup failures by contacting the manufacturer and resolving issues you won’t even know you had.

Asset Data Capture
& Tagging

We tag your assets and capture key asset data you can easily import into your asset management system or Incident IQ™.


After tagging each of your devices, we can even laser etch them with your school logo to provide additional peace of mind and a custom look.

& Analytics

We deliver each device to its specific location or classroom, and provide IT Directors with analytics on overall deployment performance.

Power up is your only job

Lexicon deployment services prep your devices for operation —
that means they can go straight from the box to a student's hands.

Required steps to prep technology
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Unboxing & recycling
  • Charging
  • Imaging & software loading
  • Security set-up
  • Adding accessories
  • Asset tagging
  • Asset data capture & management
  • Distribution by asset number to each school
  • Classroom specific delivery
  • Power up for teaching & learning

Deployment saves time and money

Lexicon completely prepares your technology for student use, freeing your IT team to support teaching & learning.

40,000 steps

for 5,000 devices

80,000 steps

for 10,000 devices

400,000 steps

for 50,000 devices

Find out how Lexicon Deployment Services can make a difference at your school district.